Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is there no string bass?

We play Benny Goodman style ‘Chamber Jazz’ which gains its distinct sound texture and rhythmic quality by not using a string bass.

Do you use an electronic keyboard or a real piano?

We normally use an electronic keyboard.

However, if a piano is available at the venue and it is in good condition and tuned, then we would be happy to consider using that instead.

How much does it cost to hire you for our event?

This all depends on the distance travelled, the duration of the event and also whether any additional players are required. PALOMAR is based near Norwich, East Anglia (UK) so gigs within this region would be considerably cheaper than comparable groups from London and other parts of the UK. Please contact us to discuss.

Do you play requests?

Our material is chosen from a comprehensive range of Swing Era and Chamber Jazz classics. Nevertheless we would be pleased to perform requests appropriate to our style and the event, providing you give us a few days notice.

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